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Cheer Advisory Board Members

Advisory Board Members

Position                             Board Member, School          Term Expiration (Term #)              Email                

Athletic Director                 Jordan Bauer, Rapid City Central     2023(*)

Principal                             Belinda Miller, Beresford               2024(2nd)

Class "A" Coach                Val Ewing, Winner                            2024(2nd)       

Class "AA" Coach              Diedra Nissen, Jefferson                 2023(1st)       

Official                                Carrie Wieman, Madison               2022(2nd)

Native American Rep.        Misty Mousseaux, Lakota Tech        2024(1st)

SDHSAA Assistant Ex. Director – Jo Auch                                

Advisory Policies

Athletic Advisory Committees Policies


A. Each term shall be three years in length.

B. A person may serve no more than two consecutive terms.

C. Any person appointed to a partial term shall be eligible for two additional terms.

D. Only head coaches are eligible to serve on an advisory committee. Current committee members who assume an assistant coach position may complete their current term but would not be allowed to serve an additional term.

E. The Board of Directors shall appoint individuals to the various positions based upon nominations submitted by each professional group that is to be represented on said committee. Names placed in nomination must have the approval of the local school superintendent. Any sport that has an official’s association, a representative of that association will be included on the advisory committee and be allowed to vote on those items pertaining to the officiating of the sport.

F. Whenever a vacancy occurs on any sports committee, every effort should be made to fill said vacancy with a qualified person from the gender that is under-represented.

G. An alternating system shall be established in the sports of basketball, golf, tennis and track/cross country whereby the coaches in each class in said committees will alternate between coaches of boys teams with coaches of girls teams. An alternating system will be used for principals and superintendents whenever a vacancy occurs.


 Duties and Responsibilities

The individual sports committees will meet once a year, and draft their recommendations for changes and/or revisions. The SDHSAA will pay mileage and per diem costs for this meeting.

1. Each sports committee will seek input from all schools, especially the coaches, via whatever means is feasible and workable. Examples might be, but not limited to, such things as meeting with coaches at a state event, conducting a survey of coaches in each class respectively, poll administrators at area administrators meetings, etc.

2. Each committee will annually review the section of the Handbook that pertains to their sport.

3. Upon request, all Advisory Committee recommendations will be made available to the various secondary administrative organizations for their review and recommendations.

4. The proposals with all recommendations will be presented to the Board of Directors at their April Meeting.

5. All regulations approved by the Board of Directors will be implemented for the next school year unless the Board of Directors determines otherwise.

6. The Board of Directors shall have the power to adopt such rules and regulations in connection with any and all high school activities, that are not inconsistent with the Constitution and By-Laws, as the Board may deem necessary. The Board of Directors may adopt such rules or regulations at any regular or special meeting that might be scheduled.